Reduce risk, ensure CSR compliance and protect your brand with Andromeda Vendor Compliance

Cloud-based Vendor Compliance for Fashion Brands & Retailers

NGC’s cloud-based Vendor Compliance solution was designed specifically for the needs of apparel, fashion and footwear brands & retailers.

Vendor Compliance provides a centralized system to evaluate, manage, and report on all the details, simplifying the complexities of compliance management. With real-time data to support decisions, senior management has the information they need to mitigate risk to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and ensure Good Manufacturing Practices. Manage the everchanging landscape of global Restricted Substances Lists (RSL) and make sure that every vendor is complying.

With the proper tools in place, you can enforce control and accountability for all suppliers, vendors, and other third parties involved in the design, manufacturing and delivery of your product to ensure compliance.  By ensuring compliance you can avoid costly litigation, reduce downstream risks and costs of non-compliance, and win market share by building and maintaining a positive public image.

As part of the Andromeda cloud platform, approved vendors are included in your global sourcing strategy when allocating products in our Andromeda PLM solution.  When vendors manufacture your products, their performance is monitored in the Andromeda Supply Chain and Andromeda Quality Control solutions.  A Scorecard Index is generated based upon their on-time deliveries, completion rate and quality scores.

Solution Benefits:

Centralize vendor information

Evaluate vendor performance

Manage vendor onboarding

Reduce risk of non-compliance

Avoid costly litigation

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Vendor Compliance functions at a glance

Vendor Onboarding

Manage global vendors in one location. Streamline and standardize the process for onboarding new vendors using various workflow and achievement models.

Document Management

Manage and maintain all vendor compliance documentation, certifications and audits in one location. Receive an alert when documents are set to expire to ensure current compliance.


Schedule onsite inspections in a more efficient manner utilizing the geolocation tool to map all factories by physical location and group by regional clusters.

Vendor Statistics

With all vendor information in one location, you can easily compile and analyze performance statistics related to your global vendors to make better sourcing decisions.

Workflow Calendars

Utilize proactive calendars and alerts to ensure site inspections, audits and corrective action plans are scheduled in a timely manner to ensure and to avoid holding up production.

Vendor Scorecard

Generate supplier Scorecards and Report Cards based upon current performance metrics. Stored in the vendor profile, this information is useful when assessing and comparing vendors. 

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