Improve labor utilization and on-time performance with NGC’s Shop Floor Control system

Shop Floor Control for Fashion and Apparel Manufacturers

NGC’s Shop Floor Control solution was designed specifically for the needs of apparel, fashion and footwear manufacturers.

Configurable to the needs of any fashion or apparel manufacturing business, our Shop Floor Control solution provides labor and production reporting throughout the entire factory network. Optimize on-time completions and overall operational efficiencies by evaluating plant workload, determining capacity needs, tracking employee performance, and more.

Available in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese, our Shop Floor Control solution provides visibility throughout the entire production process.

Solution Benefits:

Increase operational efficiency

Analyze workforce performance

Improve payroll accuracy

Increase production output

Visibility into Work-in-Process 

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Shop Floor Control functions at a glance

Production Control and Incentive Payroll

Centralize the creation of work orders and route them to individual production facilities. Manage daily production and payroll data using barcoded coupons for rapid entry and accuracy.

Modular Manufacturing

Supporting a wide range of modular techniques, including hybrid systems, groups can be paid completely on group productivity, or an average of group and individual output.

Real Time Scanning

Gather WIP information, quality data and payroll data in real-time. Using a real-time modular pacing application and a hand-held device, QC personnel can roam the shop floor to gather data.

Raw Materials Management

Manage materials, trims and supplies in multiple warehouses. Based on overage/shortage reports, make decisions to adjust work orders, purchase additional materials or make location transfers.

Quality Control

Capture defect related data in batch or real-time. Track data by employee, lot, item, defect, inspector, inspected quantity, occurrences and severity code for further analysis.

Factory Shipments

Enable bundle packing by scanning shop floor tickets. Verify information against work orders, then scan and select cartons for shipment. All necessary shipping documents are then created.

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Unifirst Testimonial

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