Improve speed to market and responsiveness with Andromeda SCM for the Digital Supply Chain

Cloud-based SCM for Fashion Brands & Retailers

NGC’s Andromeda® cloud-based Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution was designed specifically for the needs of apparel, fashion and footwear brands & retailers.

Configurable and user friendly, our fashion and apparel supply chain solution enables the speed and responsiveness for today’s demand-driven supply chain. Monitor current consumer selling trends and ensure that your most popular products are quickly delivered to the customers that want to buy them. Your product development and supply chain teams can utilize postponement techniques and optimize lead time for fast in-season flow, chase and replenishment programs.

Collaborate with your global supply chain partners in real-time, with visibility into your purchase orders, material commitments and inbound shipments.  Factories can create barcode cartons labels, shipment paperwork and ASNs for DC and direct-to-store delivery.

Ensure lead time reduction by extending your processes from initial concept to delivery with our Andromeda Product Lifecycle Management. Integrate elements such as planning, merchandising, design, costing, sampling and sourcing to develop products quickly and efficiently. 

Our comprehensive Supply Chain Management solution integrates with the Andromeda Quality Control module, which supports a variety QC auditing methods and analytics so any identified quality issues are addressed prior to leaving the factory.

As part of the Andromeda cloud platform, our Andromeda Vendor Compliance module manages the onboarding process and certification of your global vendors.  Your compliance team can broadcast any updates and revisions to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements to your entire vendor base and request confirmation of receipt.

Solution Benefits:

Enable a demand-driven supply chain

Optimize supply chain lead times

Utilize 'just-in-time' techniques

Reduce markdowns and stockouts

Improve cash flow & cost management

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SCM functions at a glance

Lead Time Optimization

Quickly react to current consumer demand to reduce production lead times for materials and finished goods manufacturing. Achieve significant supply chain savings by reducing markdowns and stockouts.

Vendor Management

A centralized location for managing all of your global vendors. Create comprehensive, searchable profiles, manage quality, Good Manufacturing Practices, and corporate & social responsibility.


Notify vendors of new or revised POs. Maintain an audit trail of all changes and acceptances. Allow factories access to update Work-In-Process to provide visibility into the status orders.

Quality Control

Request quality audits at any stage – inline, final or packing accuracy. Notify QC Managers of failures and develop corrective action plans. Track and store outcomes for trend analysis.

Global Logistics

Create shipments via the web, release them to freight forwarders and track them to their final destination. Create all the necessary labels, paperwork and ASNs for each shipment.

Workflow Calendars

Support workflow and critical path management with calendars. Set up milestones to track your progress, and predict if an item will run late due to unexpected delays, all in real-time.

Global Collaboration

Create a ‘single version of the truth’ via a centralized portal where all communication about product, material, PO or shipment are linked by style. View the full history in one place.

Exceptions Dashboard

Define the conditions that will likely lead to problems or delay, and create alerts when they exist. Alert users via a Dashboard where they can drill into the details causing the situation.

Custom Reporting

Create and configure custom reports to your standards. ‘Drag and drop’ columns in any order, and generate using the most current data. Once created, a key report can be shared with others.

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