Identify quality problems faster and reduce chargebacks with Andromeda Quality Control and mobile solution

Cloud-based Quality Control for Fashion and Apparel Brands & Retailers

NGC’s cloud-based Andromeda Quality Control solution was designed specifically for the needs of apparel, fashion and footwear brands & retailers to deliver unparalleled efficiency, transparency and accuracy.

Streamline the quality process, allowing QC supervisors to schedule audits based upon factory clusters and delivery schedules. Inspectors can efficiently conduct and report on audit results using our Interactive Quality Tablet (IQT) versus traditional manual processes. With multilingual and offline support, language and internet connectivity will not inhibit the productivity of your global vendors. With our Quality Control solutions, you can identify problems sooner to reduce the risk of cancellations, chargebacks and returns.

As part of the Andromeda cloud platform, you can easily pull the necessary product and PO details needed to conduct the various audits from our Andromeda PLM and Andromeda Supply Chain solutions, or we can integrate with your current solution(s).

You can also streamline your processes by integrating our Andromeda Vendor Compliance module to help onboard, organize, vet and manage your global vendors in a systematic, efficient way, allowing you to make better sourcing decisions, ensure overall compliance, and mitigate any potential risk to safeguard your company. 

Solution Benefits:

Reduce quality issues

Cut expenses related to quality

Increase QC auditor efficiency

Access real-time analytics

Work online and/or offline

Multilingual support

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Quality Control functions at a glance

Audit Types

Conduct multiple audit types per PO, including material, in-line, final, measurement & packing accuracy. Take photos of defects to support findings, and conduct master inspections.

Sampling Rules

Support for multiple defect levels (minor, major, critical) and variable AQL levels per defect type. Manage and report on both single and double sampling plans.

Tablet Apps

Perform on-site audits using a tablet, attaching photos to support findings. Tablet can be used offline, with real-time result reports & failure notifications generated once online.

Exceptions Dashboard

Define the conditions that will likely lead to problems or delay, and create alerts when they exist. Alert users via a Dashboard where they can drill into the details causing the situation.

Corrective Action Plans

When failures occur, Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) are automatically generated. Monitor and manage the results as factories make improvements.

Enterprise Integration

Seamlessly integrate with NGC’s cloud-based Andromeda PLM and Supply Chain solutions, or with the PLM and/or Supply Chain solutions that that make up your current system landscape.

Product Testing

Streamline testing for both finished products and materials. Pre-define protocols to know what, where and when to test. Store results, and automatically generate the required GCC. 

Workflow Calendars

Support workflow and critical path management with calendars. Set up milestones to track your progress, and predict if an item will run late due to unexpected delays, all in real-time.

Global Collaboration

Create a ‘single version of the truth’ via a centralized portal where all communication about product, material, PO or shipment are linked by style. View the full history in one place.


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