Transform design productivity and reduce lead times with Andromeda PLM for the Digital Supply Chain

Cloud-based PLM for Fashion Brands & Retailers

NGC’s cloud-based Andromeda PLM® solution was designed specifically for the needs of apparel, fashion and footwear brands & retailers.

Configurable and user friendly, our fashion and apparel PLM solution provides a common platform for all PLM related elements including Planning, Merchandising, Design, Costing, Sampling, Quality and Sourcing. Workflow calendars allow you to track progress, predict unexpected delays and keep all departments on the same page in real-time. With critical path management processes and the ability to create role-specific dashboards, users have the information at their fingertips to ensure products are on time, on trend and on budget. 

As part of the Andromeda cloud platform, seamlessly extend your view into Production and Logistics with our Andromeda Supply Chain solution. Have complete visibility and control from concept to delivery.

Our comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management solution integrates with the Andromeda Quality Control module, which supports a variety QC auditing methods and analytics so any identified quality issues are addressed prior to leaving the factory.

The Andromeda cloud platform also integrates with our Andromeda Vendor Compliance module to help manage the onboarding process and certification of your global vendors.  Your compliance team can broadcast any updates and revisions to your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements to your entire vendor base and request confirmation of receipt.

Solution Benefits:

Increase speed to market

Improve product adoption rates

Reduce sampling cost & turnaround time

Achieve target margins & stay on budget

Make better sourcing decisions

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PLM functions at a glance

Line Planning

Interactive planning tool to view and manage the line development process. Configurable views provide real-time visibility, synchronizing teams to facilitate an on-time product launch.

Tech Packs

Share and update product information with global team members in real-time via a centralized web portal. Changes are documented and users are notified of any that could affect product integrity.

Digital Asset Management

Maintain all images, artwork, color chips, etc. in native formats with associated metadata for category and retrieval purposes. Integration with Adobe allows Designers to use current toolset.

Material Development

Request materials from various suppliers, and manage the sample and approval processes. Select criteria for nominating vendors. View approvals at material and/or finished product.


Request samples, track status and enter results with comments and images. Automatically notify responsible parties of any rejections and create additional sample requests with corrections.


Create multiple cost sheets per product and perform ‘what if’ scenarios to determine which items hit financial targets. Break down costs at various levels and compare by line item.


Identify and compare global suppliers, then create, issue and manage the RFQ process. Notify vendors of new request, with visibility into the quoting, sampling and final selection process.

Testing & Compliance

Streamline testing for both finished products and materials. Pre-define protocols to know what, where and when to test. Store results, and automatically generate the required GCC. 

Workflow Calendars

Support workflow and critical path management with calendars. Set up milestones to track your progress, and predict if an item will run late due to unexpected delays, all in real-time.

Global Collaboration

Create a ‘single version of the truth’ via a centralized portal where all communication about product, material, PO or shipment are linked by style. View the full history in one place.

Exceptions Dashboard

Define the conditions that will likely lead to problems or delay, and create alerts when they exist. Alert users via a Dashboard where they can drill into the details causing the situation.

Custom Reporting

Create and configure custom reports to your standards. ‘Drag and drop’ columns in any order, and generate using the most current data. Once created, a key report can be shared with others.

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