Slash lead times and satisfy market demand profitably

Supply Optimization

Prepare for a new kind of workday with automation, algorithmic planning and advanced analytics. Dynamic costs, capacities and limitations will be no match for your supply chain. You’ll identify orders that are not profitable or cannot be met based on current constraints. Segment supplier analysis. Optimize end-to-end supply chain operations to minimize cost and maximize customer service.

Supply Optimization enables constraint-based periodic planning, as well as continuous planning, to meet the needs of today’s dynamic supply chains. And with “what-if” analytical capabilities, you can easily evaluate the impact of changing factors in production, distribution and storage.


Solution Benefits:

Optimize complex sourcing and production scenarios

Powerful multi-plant planning with detail of single-plant scheduling

Future visibility of customer demands, product and material requirements

Optimize production schedule based on key business drivers

Supply Optimization at a glance

Supply Planning

Discover a replenishment process with the flexibility to support a wide range of demand variation and business constraints. Be confident in your direction of labor, production and distribution resources. Make proactive responses to shortages or disruptions your default.

Replenishment Planning

Manage inventory at customer locations and guarantee a rapid replenishment cycle with Replenishment Planning.

We leverage Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) so that you can gain multi-level insights into demand and assess inventory from multiple perspectives that incorporate actual demand data, future distribution needs and replenishment commitments.

Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling

The power of multi-plant planning meets the detail of single-plant scheduling. With Manufacturing Planning and Scheduling, create long-term capacity plans and short-term detailed schedules that increase production throughput, respect manufacturing constraints, optimize changeovers and lower inventory of finished goods and raw materials.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

An all-in-one capacity planning and detailed scheduling solution, Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) creates optimized production schedules while incorporating the widest possible range of constraints in material, capacity, labor and tooling.

Advanced Analytics

Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning,  algorithmic optimization, simulations, scenarios and other forms of advanced analytics to provide new insights, automate planning and remove time, inventory and risk from your supply chain. Make faster and smarter business decisions, better understand customer requirements and predict market trends.


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