Deliver an unbeatable omnichannel customer experience with automated merchandise planning, assortment allocation and replenishment.

Retail Optimization

Increase profits and strengthen brands with Retail Optimization. Synchronize sourcing from manufacturing to store merchandising. You can create plans that boost sales, increase margins and cut inventory costs.

Boost inventory performance with precise, flexible top-down, bottom-up and middle-out planning that integrates forecasting, merchandise and assortment planning, allocation and replenishment. Automate and schedule merchandise management, efficiently handle hundreds of thousands of omni-channel combinations, and optimize down to the most granular item/store/day level of detail.

Solution Benefits: 

Convert high-level financial goals into chain and store level plans across all retail channels and locations

Position hardline and softline merchandise to optimally serve customer demand and accelerate inventory turns

Optimize retail allocation and replenishment

Retail Optimization at a glace

Merchandise Planning

Convert high-level financial goals into chain and store-level plans for both financial and unit profiles to maximize sales potential while minimizing markdowns and out-of-stocks. Consider us your “zoom” feature.

Assortment Planning

Assortment Planning closes the gap between financial planning, store planning and the buyer to accurately identify the optimal merchandise mix. That mix considers multiple factors, including item attributes, store cluster, location and capacity, the quantity of product to be carried and the phasing of products into stores.


Allocation automates the replenishment of fashion items at the store and group level by demand sensing to identify short-term trends. It then models their performance against similar items and categories with historical data. As the selling season progresses for stores and direct-to-consumer channels, you can enact “pull-based” shipments based on POS demand signals and re-forecasted projections.


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