NGC’s next-generation Andromeda Cloud Platform: Performance, scalability and connectivity for the Digital Supply Chain


The Andromeda Cloud Platform® is entirely accessible via an Internet browser and runs on all types of infrastructures.  Many clients prefer to run it on premises using physical or virtual servers, but other customers decide to host it at a data center of their choice.  NGC also provides hosting for private clouds or customers can elect to use NGC’s public cloud in a subscription (SaaS) model.  Regardless of infrastructure, NGC can provide Managed Services to keep Andromeda operating at peak performance.

NGC uses the latest technology standards for its Andromeda platform which provides our customers with significant advantages.  Andromeda can scale both vertically and horizontally to accommodate a large number of concurrent users without any degradation in performance and its 64-bit architecture is compatible with all current and future operating systems.  It is metadata-driven and multi-layered (UI, Services, Business, Data), which improves maintenance and easily allows for changes to the look and behavior of the application. 

Andromeda is multi-threaded and can take advantage of multiple CPUs.  It can also take advantage of any amount of RAM supported by the running OS to increase processing capabilities and performance.  The platform uses queues (MSMQ or NGC) to manage and distribute jobs, and the database is fully normalized, with referential integrity and constraints so it can be accessed directly by customers

NGC understands enterprise system integration.  Andromeda already contains all the tables necessary for enterprise integration with any third party ERP, PLM, Planning/Forecasting or Transportation system.  Integration methods include REST APIs, configurable CSV and XML files, EDI and staging tables.

NGC uses the Agile Development Methodology which rapidly delivers new platform functionality that has been tested and quality assured.  This allows NGC to maintain a development backlog and re-prioritize new features and functions based upon the needs of the business community.

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