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Synchronizing the Global Enterprise: Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Synchronizing the Global Enterprise: Getting Everyone on the Same Page

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Bambridge Consulting
Analyst Perspective: Synchronizing the Global Fashion Supply Chain
Peter Bambridge

The global fashion supply chain is extraordinarily complex, creating significant challenges in synchronizing people, information, systems and processes to improve time to market and profitability. Many organizations fail to achieve optimum product design and supply chain efficiency. How can they overcome the barriers to greater productivity?

Industry analyst Peter Bambridge explains the concept of "PLM without boundaries" in this new white paper, which explains the benefits of a common enterprise platform that provides access to a single central database of information delivered over the Web. While "Extended PLM" (integrated PLM/SCM) can naturally serve as the backbone of such a global system, the scope extends far beyond traditional PLM. Enterprise synchronization must include ERP, PLM, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management and other critical enterprise systems in order to orchestrate the flow of data and processes — and to enable complete, accurate and consistent access to the information that's needed for effective decision-making.

This white paper includes practical insights, advice and examples, based on Peter's 30 years of experience in the retail and consumer goods industries and his perspectives as a respected PLM analyst.

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