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Tips for mastering a ‘read and react’ supply chain strategy.

Tips for mastering a ‘read and react’ supply chain strategy.

Strategies for Increasing Speed to Market

With traditional fashion retailers and department stores struggling to stay open, it’s more important than ever for companies to innovate by using data to transform their supply chain model.

This new white paper focuses on the strategies necessary to become a "read and react" fashion company. By synchronizing and sharing all mission-critical data throughout the digital supply chain, companies can react with speed and agility to rapidly changing market trends. 

Here are some of the agile strategies that are described in this white paper:

  • Sustain the product pipeline with continuous product development
  • Position raw materials and manage commitments and drawdowns
  • Practice postponement and just-in-time manufacturing techniques
  • Ship direct-to-store and direct-to-consumer from the factory
  • Expedite shipments for high-demand products
  • Transfer products between stores and regions

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