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PLM’s Role in the Digital Supply Chain

PLM’s Role in the Digital Supply Chain

PLM’s Role in the Digital Supply Chain

These are key reasons why digital supply chains have become such a hot topic in our industry. Companies that have digitized their design and manufacturing processes are winning the race in speed to market, increasing sales and improving consumer satisfaction. Digitization isn’t just for supply chains, though; a digital supply chain has everything to do with PLM.

This inevitably means that product development teams must answer questions such as:

  • Are your PLM strategies aligned with your digital supply chain initiatives?
  • How can you best leverage and expand on the PLM processes you have now?
  • How are advances in digital supply chain technology affecting product development?
  • What are the next steps in PLM’s continuing evolution?

This white paper explores these questions by taking a closer look at the current state of product development, the barriers that exist in most organizations, and how companies can connect their PLM processes and solutions as part of a digital supply chain.


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