Hardwick Clothing Makes Their Olympic Debut

Hardwick Clothing Makes Their Olympic Debut

June 29, 2016

With the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro coming up in August, everyone is anticipating the opening and closing ceremonies, the games and, of course, what brands and designers the media and athletes will be sporting.

American media and athletes typically wear American brands, and in that tradition, NBC Olympics has selected our customer, Tennessee-based brand Hardwick Clothing, to design their attire for the duration of the Olympic games.

According to a recent article from, Hardwick Clothing is America’s oldest tailored clothing brand and will dress notable on-air talent including Al Michaels, Dan Patrick and former Olympian Ato Boldon. Athletes and media personalities can be difficult to fit, but Hardwick’s high-performance fabrics have stretch, breathability and wrinkle resistance to provide garments that pair well with Brazil’s tropical climate. 

However, this isn’t the first time NBC and Hardwick Clothing have partnered. Last year, the brand outfitted all NFL and NHL coverage for the network. The Olympics will further increase that exposure; with over 200 million people watching the games all around the world, this will help Hardwick Clothing attain an extraordinary amount of exposure both domestically and internationally. 

"The Olympic Games contract can widen exposure of the Hardwick name and brand, and foster interest from people who maybe have never heard of the company," said President and CEO, Bruce Bellusci told via email. "It's an incredible partnership, and it's going to give us such great exposure on a national and international scale.” 

Besides being known for their beautifully tailored suits that will be featured in one of the largest events of the decade, according to the source, Hardwick Clothing has invested $2.5 million in new manufacturing machinery, high-end fabrics and top-tier industry talent. Hardwick uses NGC’s Shop Floor Control an apparel software, to streamline manufacturing operations, enabling Hardwick to centralize production control, manage raw materials and assure quality control.

In addition to delving into international recognition during the Olympic Games, Hardwick Clothing is also working to help prevent identity theft, according to Apparel Magazine. Hardwick has partnered with Kufner, a German clothing company, to design blazers and jackets that block electric fields. With this innovative technology, identity thieves will be unable to skim information from wallets under these garments.