NGC Customer DXL Named Apparel “Top Innovator”

NGC Customer DXL Named Apparel “Top Innovator”

June 1, 2016

Every year Apparel Magazine ranks the “Top Innovators” in the industry, and NGC Software is honored to announce that DXL was selected this year. This year Apparel Magazine narrowed the playing field even further. The companies selected for this year’s honors represent the “best of the best” in apparel and fashion, and they are all are using technology in innovative ways to improve customer satisfaction and allow business operations to run more smoothly. We’re pleased that DXL Group was included in such elite company.

Here’s what Apparel had to say about DXL’s work with NGC:

One of DXL’s systems includes NGC’s PLM and Supply Chain Management (SCM). DXL rolled this out in 2013 to all cross-functional departments to break down silos, streamline line planning, and increase collaboration with new and existing suppliers. Doing so significantly reduced time spent in internal meetings to review product development and production workflow on spreadsheets. “Everyone has visibility to their WIP tracking, calendar, development process, approvals and other information on their own devices through the web portal,” said Angela Chan, senior vice president and chief sourcing officer for DXL.

DXL now communicates design and technical specs for approvals, color matches and revisions over the web. It also handles open bidding through the web, allowing the company to diversify its supplier base and replenishment strategies, producing identical garments in multiple countries, all to the same high quality.

With the ability to capture workflow information from the season start until goods are delivered to its [direct channel], the company also can better measure vendor performance. This centralizes reporting and improves accuracy. “Our on-time delivery, quality and compliance reached over 98 percent in 2015 versus 85 percent to 90 percent before we implemented PLM,” said Chan.

Additionally, knowing the exact status of design and production at all times gives DXL the ability to respond to the latest trends, push decision-making further downstream and quickly react to unforeseen events, she said.

— Jordan K. Speer


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