NGC has the End-to-End Manufacturing Solutions Apparel and Fashion Companies Need

NGC has the End-to-End Manufacturing Solutions Apparel and Fashion Companies Need

April 28, 2016

From 2007 to 2009, the economy as a whole took a hit and the manufacturing industry was no exception. But according to Economics & Statistics Administration, a division of the United States Department of Commerce, the manufacturing industry made recent gains – and apparel manufacturing has been part of that, with the resurgence of “Made in America” and the need for fast-turn apparel manufacturing.

Whether you’re an apparel and fashion manufacturer producing product in the U.S. or abroad, NGC has the complete set of manufacturing solutions, from Order Fulfillment to Scan-Pack Shipping, to make sure your business runs smoothly and ensure that retailers receive your product on time. NGC is proud to showcase our manufacturing solutions this month at Texprocess, May 3-5 in Atlanta, and AAPN, May 15-17 in Miami. NGC’s Manufacturing Solutions include:

Order Fulfillment: Although many companies handle their order fulfillment operations differently, one thing remains constant: the quicker an order can be delivered, the happier a customer is going to be. NGC’s Order Fulfillment functions are loaded with flexible and powerful tools every business needs to increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency in the order fulfillment cycle.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP): NGC provides complete inventory visibility for multi-location material inventory management. NGC ties all material requirements for production together and links it with your open order to provide a time-phased requirements report. NGC takes all the guesswork out of raw material management.

Purchasing: The Vendor Rolodex feature will allow you to store all negotiated cost by supplier for all purchased items. The system provides visibility to expected orders and allows users to track by date. The receipt management for all purchases allows for multiple receipts and matching supplier invoices by receipt. Blanket purchasing allows companies to do contract pricing for raw materials, make releases against the blanket purchase order and determine the commitment balance. Send purchase orders directly to A/P and generate cash flow projections.

Fabric Management: NGC manages your fabric inventory and cut goods by receiving EDI ASN’s from mills, allocating specific rolls of fabric to particular cutting tickets, and utilizing handheld scanners to receive unused rolls back into inventory locations. The Cutting Room can auto-allocate fabric, pull directly from storage to table with scanning capabilities, record defect cutouts and consumption during cutting, and record put away. Finally, the system maintains historical information needed for reporting.

Shop Floor Control: Shop Floor Control is a high performance, cost effective, plant-level system. Bar-coded coupons permit rapid entry of daily production and payroll data. A host of reports and inquiries can be generated to track employee performance, calculate payroll for incentive and non-incentive employees, display the status of work-in-process, and provide multiple reports, assist with plant loading, and much more. Real time modular monitoring and WIP data collection are also available, and each user has the ability to operate in English, Spanish or Simplified Chinese.

Inventory Control: Inventory Control provides a wide range of features that helps users manage finished goods inventory more effectively. The “Cut and Sold” comparison is the core element and the main driver for success at every business, allowing users to see how current inventory and work-in-process will satisfy open order within specific delivery windows. Perpetual inventory is maintained by production run and has integrated transactions from sales and returns.

Quality Assurance: Optimally, inspections should be performed at the manufacturing facility where they have the expertise, machinery, and workforce to resolve or minimize the problem. NGC can request quality audits throughout the production process, whether they are in-line, final or packing accuracy. If an audit fails, a QC manager will be notified and a corrective action plan can be issued and managed. But most importantly, NGC can analyze the trends over a period of time.

Scan-Pack Shipping: EZ-Ship is part of a supply chain strategy for companies producing sewn products around the word. It is a factory-level scan/pack solution with electronic data exchange that works with SCM, ERP and EDI systems. It allows shipments to multiple DCs and/or customers directly from factories, contractors and suppliers. It supports unlimited ASN and label formats, providing remote shipping sites with the ultimate flexibility by using a standard import/export data set that easily integrates with any ERP, WMS or Distribution Center system.

To learn more about NGC’s manufacturing solutions, stop by and visit NGC in Booth 345 at Texprocess, May 3-5 in Atlanta, or schedule a meeting with Roger Mayerson at AAPN, May 15-17 in Miami.