PLM 3.0: What the Experts Say

PLM 3.0: What the Experts Say

April 14, 2016

NGC is proud to sponsor the latest Apparel Thought Leadership Report, PLM 3.0: Maximizing Your PLM Investment, available for download here. It provides a fascinating insight into how PLM has evolved into a technology platform that touches every part of the enterprise.

The report traces PLM’s evolution from a simple PDM (Product Data Management) solution into PLM 3.0, “a platform with extended reach across multiple software applications, from concept to consumer.” As the report notes, PLM 3.0 “is a direct response to changing business paradigms. To truly innovate and stay a step ahead, companies are shaking up the traditional ways of doing business.”

“PLM 3.0 is designed to complement and support both tried-and-true and new-and-different strategies. By its very nature, it does not require software replacement. Rather, with PLM 3.0, the focus is on connecting the data and systems in the organization to drive better decision-making. PLM 3.0 serves as an enterprise hub for the entire product lifecycle…”

The vision outlined in this report matches perfectly with NGC’s view of PLM. We were especially pleased to see insights from leading apparel brands and consultants, and we’d like to share a few of their comments from the report:

“Today everyone thinks of PLM as a product development system, but with PLM 3.0, it becomes a strategic enterprise platform that touches every part of the organization. PLM 3.0 extends the capabilities of PLM in new and exciting directions.” – Tom Stevenson, Vice President of IT, True Religion Brand Jeans

“Whether the manufacturer is a fully branded design house or private label manufacturer for retail, the responsibility for the product being delivered is now fully upon the manufacturer. They need to know the market and produce high-quality products faster, better and at a lower cost than ever before. This can only be accomplished with very tight, rigid controls. PLM 3.0 provides this level of tracking through integrated collaboration with the retailers.” – David Ryan, Managing Partner, Concepts in Technology Inc.

“The benefits (of PLM 3.0) are tremendous. We broke down silos with each internal department and were able to re-assess our working processes. This gave us an ability to streamline how we work.” – Angela Chan, Senior Vice President and Chief Sourcing Officer, DXL Group.

“Fashion trends today change faster than ever, making shorter lead times essential. Companies have to find ways to compress the entire lifecycle from concept through delivery, in order to get their merchandise on the shelf faster.” – Stevenson