Speed to Market Takes Center Stage in Supply Chain Management

Speed to Market Takes Center Stage in Supply Chain Management

August 11, 2015

The 2015 Apparel Magazine Sourcing Report confirms what we at NGC have been observing all year: fashion companies are looking to technology to help them make further gains in supply chain efficiency, visibility and speed to market.

According to the report, 60% of apparel companies are looking to improve their speed-to-market strategies in the next 12 months, and 18% plan to do so next year. That’s a whopping 78% of companies that are looking to reduce cycle times.

The renewed emphasis on speed to market is balanced by a focus on quality. As the report notes, “The demands of omnichannel retail, competition from fast fashion and new emerging markets in China all back an intense push for companies to bring products to market faster than ever. At the same time, consumer demands are helping to keep quality top of mind when companies consider new sourcing partners and regions.”

There are a number of supply chain functions that can help companies improve speed to market, quality and overall performance and efficiency – from P.O. management, WIP tracking and inbound visibility to systems that streamline and manage vendor compliance and product testing.

Because of NGC’s leadership and experience in fashion supply chain management (our Supply Chain Management system is now in its version 15 release), we’re proud to note that all of these features are included in our SCM solution. Check out the chart on the right from last year’s Apparel Sourcing report; the chart shows all the most important SCM features, and NGC’s SCM system includes every one of them.

From forecasting to sourcing to WIP to compliance, NGC’s fashion SCM solution includes all the most important features to improve speed to market and quality, which makes us an ideal partner to help companies make tremendous strides in their supply chain operations.

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