Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits: Continuous Improvement with NGC's PLM and SCM Solutions

Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits: Continuous Improvement with NGC's PLM and SCM Solutions

July 29, 2014

It’s summertime in Miami, and we’re loving the warm weather! With summertime here already, we’re all looking to spice things up a bit, and that can apply to technology and business processes, too.  That’s certainly the case with Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits, one of our customers that is using NGC’s PLM and SCM software to put some pep back into their product development processes! Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits (FASK) implemented our fashion PLM and SCM in 2013 to bring newfound productivity to their enterprise. Let’s take a closer look at why they needed a change, and why they’re happy they did it!

Manual Processes Hamper Efficiency

Before switching to NGC’s software, FASK manually updated databases and systems over and over, making workload control and collaboration effectiveness a constant battle for employees. Austin Mallis, VP of Operations at FASK, said, “Workloads could not be managed, and we had no tools to understand where we stood on specific styles or orders,” That’s no shape to be in for an apparel company on the road to supply chain efficiency. Issues like those are detrimental to enterprise profitability and productivity, so FASK wanted a complete 180 on its approach to its processes.

Better, Faster, Stronger: Streamlined and Standardized PLM and SCM

After jumping on board with NGC, FASK realized major ROI in a streamlined workflow, improved collaboration, better task management, and faster speed to market. Processes are not siloed anymore, and users can collaborate globally to reach an impressive level of productivity. Reporting tools and key performance indicators also help FASK users to evaluate sales trends, production status, inventory positions, and financial targets.

Fashion PLM is a fundamental way to break down barriers between departments and foster continual improvement throughout an enterprise. Check out the FASK case study to read more about how we were able to help them reach new heights!