What is “PLM Without Boundaries”? An Apparel Thing interview with Mark Burstein

What is “PLM Without Boundaries”? An Apparel Thing interview with Mark Burstein

July 23, 2014

Recently Apparel Thing interviewed Mark Burstein, NGC’s president of sales, marketing and R&D, about NGC’s vision for PLM: a fully realized notion of “PLM Without Boundaries” that takes PLM far beyond its traditional role and transforms it into the central hub for global design and production.  We wanted to share some of Mark’s insights in case you missed the article.

Mark explained that “PLM without boundaries goes far beyond the scope of traditional PLM, providing a central repository to orchestrate all information, processes, departments and geographies and serve as the hub of the global fashion enterprise.”

He went on to say: “Fashion design and production is an extraordinarily complex, fast-paced, and information intensive business. Dozens of different departments and external trading partners need instant access to data, but in most organizations, information resides in silos that can’t easily be shared – leading to a proliferation of spreadsheets, emails, faxes and an inability to access timely, accurate data.”

Mark also noted that one of NGC’s customers Sport Obermeyer adopted a “PLM Without Boundaries” approach to enterprise systems that included integrated PLM, SCM and ERP from NGC, as well as a warehouse management system. This integration has improved gross margins by 14 percent and made a ROI in just 21 months – impressive achievements by any measure!

Read the full Q & A with Mark and Apparel Thing here.