How did NGC become a SPANX fashion PLM essential to face the ever-evolving world of apparel?

How did NGC become a SPANX fashion PLM essential to face the ever-evolving world of apparel?

May 7, 2014

Every person has their go-to handful of “essentials” items – the core things in their life that make them feel ready to walk out the door every morning and face a crazy and unpredictable world. For some people, SPANX is an absolute essential. But has anyone thought about what SPANX’ essentials are? After realizing they weren’t getting the productivity they needed out of their current PLM processes, they turned to NGC for help. Let’s see how NGC became a SPANX fashion PLM essential to face the ever-evolving world of apparel!

Growing Up Fast Means It’s Time for New Things
SPANX designs apparel that helps women to shape and contour their body to their own idea of what’s beautiful – so it’s no surprise that the brand became wildly popular in high-end retailers all over the world and began to grow at an exponential rate. Robert Hunnicutt, technology project manager at SPANX, said that due to their rapid growth, “it became harder to manage the flow of data. Our product line was growing tremendously, we added more staff, and the number of factories tripled within 12 months. [Therefore] We couldn’t keep running our business on spreadsheets.”

With such widespread success, SPANX needed a PLM system that could keep pace with its growth and bring a higher level of control and efficiency to the entire enterprise.

A Need for Speed Met with NGC’s PLM
SPANX ultimately needed a PLM system that brought efficiency to not only the product design process, but purchase orders, production and shipping. After a lengthy review of dozens of vendors, SPANX chose NGC to bring them a system with integrated PLM and supply chain management on top of high-speed development processes from concept to finished goods delivery. SPANX has seen significant improvements using the software, including higher efficiency, enhanced collaboration with factories, and streamlined product development.  These benefits have led to a faster speed to market, allowing retailers and customers to receive their orders faster – who isn’t a fan of that?

We’ve helped the beloved SPANX brand see a whole new perspective on productivity. Check out their full case study and latest video testimonial from SPANX’s PLM Director- Julie Lee where she talks about the biggest benefits to date. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach a PLM and SCM nirvana!