Are Software Solutions the Future of Sourcing? The Answer is “Yes”

Are Software Solutions the Future of Sourcing? The Answer is “Yes”

February 19, 2014

The apparel industry is undergoing rapid and unprecedented changes, marked by a laser-like focus on social compliance and ethical sourcing, significant changes in free trade agreements that are rewriting the sourcing landscape, and many other factors – all of which were front and center at NGC’s Panorama Conference last fall.

A recent article in Sourcing Journal, “Are Software Solutions the Future of Sourcing?,” provided an in-depth look at the Panorama user conference, the historic trends that are shaking up the apparel and fashion industry, and the role that software solutions play in sourcing’s future.

NGC’s Fred Isenberg, president of consulting services, explained to Sourcing Journal that “the industry is experiencing historic change and the challenges that comes with that: the ballooning costs of compliance, the emergence of new sourcing destinations, and the general shift of retail to the internet to accommodate a technologically savvier consumer, all demand new solutions, new strategies. The name of the game now is adaptability.”

Isenberg goes on to say, “The sea changes coming for the sourcing industry demand a revision of old business models which, in turn, requires innovative strategies to adapt to a commercial sector in flux. Many in sourcing are mining the potential promised by technological research and development of the kind designed and implemented by NGC, a company with history that stretches back to 1982, but manages to keep its eyes firmly fixed on the future.”

The article brings together expert commentary on the state of the apparel industry with insights from Panorama, quoting numerous industry experts and brands that are turning to technology to adapt to the industry’s fast-moving changes. Thanks to our friends at Sourcing Journal for first-rate coverage – we appreciate it! To view the entire article, click here.