Traceability: The Latest NGC Solution Stands up To a Global Crisis

Traceability: The Latest NGC Solution Stands up To a Global Crisis

December 15, 2020

Recently, US Customs and Border Protection announced personnel at all U.S. ports of entry will detain shipments containing cotton and cotton products originating from the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC) and its subordinate and affiliated entities.

This requires apparel brands to demonstrate that they are eliminating forced labor in their supply chains through chain of custody documents that provide traceability at every step in the supply chain. 

In response to the acute need for traceability solutions, we, alongside our sister company Logility, announced the availability of the industry’s first digital traceability solution. It enables retailers to document a chain of custody from product to source of record using a private blockchain - providing a one-of-a-kind solution to one of the retail and fashion industry’s most critical issues.

Not only is traceability important from a manufacturing aspect now, it is also becoming increasingly important to the consumer. Traceability allows retailers to make genuine and verifiable claims relating to sustainability and corporate social responsibility within the apparel space – something consumers are looking to see.

In fact, 57% of shoppers reported changing their habits in 2020 to lessen their environmental impact. Traceability solutions, like the trailblazing offering NGC just announced with Logility, will become imperative for demonstrating how environmentally and socially conscious a brand is in the hopes of seamlessly abiding by new global litigation on the business side while simultaneously increasing brand loyalty on the consumer front.

What Is NGC’s New Traceability Solution?

NGC’s one-of-a-kind solution uses private blockchain to ensure companies can track the chain-of-custody throughout the supply chain by storing and managing all supporting documents related to every transaction between all supply chain trading partners.

The solution provides the user with updated supplier information at every level of the supply chain and creates a master dashboard of geolocation information, supplier scorecards and quality indexes as well as their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) status and more.

The user can also define their own criteria for reporting that will trigger a notification when a supplier is not meeting the predetermined compliance metrics. The criteria can be as simple or complex as needed through the use of conditional exceptions and if/then statements.

Furthermore, the program is easy to use and incorporates organizational tactics like fully integrated timelines based on target order dates, system-generated to-do lists for every user or team level and even a color-coded tiering system to highlight scores that may create a problem in the future.

What Are the Key Benefits?

This solution centralizes all supplier profiles, certifications and evaluations in convenient location, which allows the user to ensure their suppliers practice’s align with their own business models.

In addition, the program documents every step in the chain-of-custody to verify the origin, supplier and consumption of all materials used in the finish product along with all supporting documents (like purchase orders and invoices) and presents it in a way that proves compliance and can be used as proof of ethical sourcing and sustainability.

The traceability solution can detect major ethical concerns, security threats and other supply chain risks before they happen, to save retailers time, energy and stress.

Contact NGC to Learn More

The new regulations surrounding the Xinjiang Region highlight a need for more transparency in how apparel brands source their materials - something that was already becoming increasingly important before this crisis was identified.

That’s why NGC and Logility created the first-ever traceability solution, so brands can provide a clear and transparent chain of custody, to meet both the new global regulations and the increasing customer demands for sustainability. Reach out to us today to learn more.