How Foot Locker’s Jenny Sim Manages the Supply Chain

How Foot Locker’s Jenny Sim Manages the Supply Chain

October 19, 2020

On Sept. 23, we were thrilled to learn that our customer Foot Locker’s VP of Global Sourcing, Jenny Sim, was awarded a Women in Supply Chain Award from Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE). In her role at Foot Locker, Jenny is part of a team, led by Todd Greener, SVP, Global Supply Chain, where she leads global private label sourcing operations across the company’s family of brands. The recognition honors Jenny as a top supply chain executive for her success in building partner relationships, her consistent adoption to new challenges, and her leadership in driving best practices in sustainability and digitization of Global Sourcing functions at Foot Locker.

In celebration of this inaugural award win, we sat down with Jenny for a Q&A about her experience.

Q: Tell us, what do you oversee in your position at Foot Locker?

A: As a senior supply chain executive at Foot Locker, I am overall responsible for global private label sourcing. I partner with socially responsible business vendors with domestic, near-shore and off-shore manufacturing capabilities. Building strong, long-term partnerships is incredibly important to me and critical to our business, resulting in improved social compliance, better product quality and shorter lead times for production.

Q. So much is changing in the midst of coronavirus. How have you and your organization adapted to this challenging time?

A: Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, my primary focus is to ensure the safety and well-being of our internal and external partners including Foot Locker’s Global Private Label Sourcing team, as well as our vendor and factory partners. We have also worked closely with vendor partners, like NGC, to find practical solutions to address changing demand patterns and factory capacity in view of disruption to the supply chain due to COVID 19.

Q. You were an early adopter of the digital supply chain. Can you tell us more about how you’ve worked with NGC to power this transformation?

A: We successfully implemented NGC’s supply chain solutions in 2006. Today, NGC’s digital supply chain platform is used by all vendors producing Foot Locker’s private label products. It is the primary platform and enables timely sharing of information by internal and external stakeholders alike. One of the benefits of NGC’s solution is that it provides end-to-end visibility into our entire process, from product design to receipt at distribution centers.

Q. The SDCE award celebrates women in the supply chain industry. What do you believe are women’s roles in helping companies achieve their supply chain goals?

A: I am honored to be recognized as a part of this group of women helping to move our industry forward! I believe women should actively seek opportunities to learn and be a part of advancing the supply chain and logistics industry, as women bring unique perspectives and different approaches to problem solving. For those of us in the industry, we should commit to sharing our knowledge and experience with those who have an interest and desire to make a difference within the supply chain. 

We Look Forward to Seeing What Jenny Does Next

All of us at NGC are thrilled to offer a warm, “Congratulations” to Jenny for winning this prestigious award.

“Jenny’s clear vision and deep understanding of business goals and process requirements have contributed greatly to Foot Locker’s success,” said Mark Burstein, president, NGC. “She is an outstanding leader, and we look forward to her future accom