Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Discusses the Future of Supply Chain With NGC

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Discusses the Future of Supply Chain With NGC

February 7, 2020

“The SCM and PLM market is moving towards broad platforms with easy connectivity,” Predrag (PJ) Jakovljevic, Principal Analyst, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), wrote in a recent article on the TEC site. The article was one of two that recently featured NGC President Mark Burstein’s thoughts on the industry: “What Is NGC Software Expecting in 2020 and Beyond?” and Retail Supply Chain in 2020 and Beyond: Musings by More SCM Software Vendors” both published this month.

TEC is the world’s leading provider of software selection resources and NGC has had a long-standing relationship with analyst PJ Jakovlijevic, who has over 20 years of industrial experience within the discrete manufacturing sector. Here are some highlights from his recent discussion with NGC.

A Shift to a Core Platform

“There seems to be a great potential in NGC’s platform that combines Planning and Execution (i.e. Logility and NGC) solutions. Think about the benefits of integrating Retail Planning, PLM, and Supply Planning/Buy Planning, all leading to capacity commitments, material platforming (i.e., an integrated system to develop and supply a family of products), postponement, and distribution directly from the factory,” remarked Jakovlijevic.

Jakovlijevic confirms our thought on the shifting market. Top-tier retailers know a core platform that transforms the concept-to-customer lifecycle is essential to their business goal of developing a single, robust supply chain. Here at NGC, our Andromeda Cloud Platform provides apparel brands and retailers the speed and agility they need to compete in a fast-paced market.

The Future in Technology: Blockchain, AI and the Cloud

In addition to discussing the evolution of platforms with TEC, Burstein spoke with Jakovljevic about how technology evolution overall is impacting the future of the supply chain.

“Blockchain technologies are still in the early stages in PLM and SCM, but they will further increase speed and efficiency as they move into the mainstream,” Burstein said. “NGC is actively pursuing a variety of blockchain solutions within the retail vertical.”

As for AI, Burstein has remarked before on how he believes the technology will help retailers respond to demand more quickly, which “is essential to cost savings. In addition, cost savings can be gained from shifting employees to more value-added activities and ensuring that the supply chain maintains momentum in the right direction.”

NGC has been a long-time proponent of cloud technology, and in the future, the cloud will continue to be essential for supply chain success.

Burstein said, “Our retail clients see moving to the cloud as one of the most essential benefits of emerging digital supply chain platforms. In many cases, companies are still relying upon a combination of spreadsheets and other applications to manage many aspects of their supply chain operations. Cloud-based PLM and SCM software solutions are essential components of a true digital supply chain that greatly improves collaboration, operating efficiencies, turnaround time, and accuracy.”

Learn More About Future Technology Evolution

Jakovljevic also noted that “NGC is also working on slick consumer-facing solutions using augmented reality (AR) and avatars to enhance or simulate the buying experience.”

If you’re interested in learning more about how NGC solutions are shaping the future of retail and fashion supply chains, reach out to us. We’d be happy to schedule a demo.