NRF 2020: How a Digital Supply Chain Can Bring the Future Into Focus

NRF 2020: How a Digital Supply Chain Can Bring the Future Into Focus

December 16, 2019

In the retail world, the start of the holiday season is also the start of preparations for the biggest show of the year, NRF 2020: Retail’s Big Show. This year’s conference theme is all about bringing the future into focus, and its visionary quality inspires us to imagine just how impactful the digital supply chain can be in creating that future reality.

Last year, over 38,000 people and 800 exhibitors broke records as they discussed their goals for the last year of the 2010s. This year, we expect many conversations to center around the fact that we’re entering a new decade. How can retailers look back on the past ten years to inspire their future?

How the 2010s Can Inspire the 2020s

The past 10 years have influenced retail perhaps more than any other decade. Shoppers have become more connected with brands, shopping across channels with ease and demanding quick fulfillment and production from retailers. Staying on top of the biggest trends is essential to ongoing customer satisfaction and engagement.

In order to meet these demands, a siloed organization doesn’t cut it anymore. In the 2020s, it’s more important than ever for retailers to reduce lead time by creating a connected supply chain to meet shopper demand. There is a critical need to orchestrate a digital supply chain to overcome silos and transform retail operations.

Artificial Intelligence Is Shifting the Future Decade

Artificial intelligence is one way retailers can react more quickly and intelligently. AI is growing rapidly, with AI revenue expected to reach $36.8 Billion worldwide by 2025.

While retailers are investing AI spending in sales and marketing, they are losing sight of logistics-focused efforts such as supply chain management, according to a recent report by Capgemini. This puts them at a financial risk when one considers the average cost savings from implementing AI in supply chain at scale, according to that same report.

Artificial Intelligence helps companies radically improve supply chain efficiency by powering the digital supply chain, which enables better, faster decision-making and execution. By incorporating AI, companies can quickly make decisions and get the right products to the customer faster.

Learn How A Digital Supply Chain Can Help Power the Future Decade at NRF

NGC’s Andromeda Cloud Platform® prepares you for the future while delivering critical benefits today. Andromeda enables a digital supply chain that is helping leading retailers transform the concept-to-customer lifecycle. And as AI enters the mainstream, Andromeda provides capabilities that will enable winning retailers and brands to embrace the power of AI and machine learning.

Meet us at NRF, booth #5136 to learn how Andromeda is making use of the latest technologies to automate the digital supply chain of today and tomorrow. We’d love for you to schedule an appointment with our solution experts to learn more.