New NGC E-Book Reveals Why Digital Supply Chain Platforms Are the Key to Winning

New NGC E-Book Reveals Why Digital Supply Chain Platforms Are the Key to Winning

September 27, 2019

It’s official: the newest NGC e-book is here. The latest in our series of long-form content reveals why a digital supply chain platform is the key to winning for today’s fashion retailers. Below, we’ve included some highlights from our e-book. If you’d like to read the full piece, you can download it here

Retailers Are Drowning in Data

If there is one thing in common for fashion retailers, it’s the massive amounts of data required to efficiently run a fast-paced supply chain. Without an end-to-end platform that connects every system in the value chain, companies are forced to rely on spreadsheets and email. These manual processes won’t work when speed and reaction times separate the winners from the losers.

“Fashion’s over-reliance on spreadsheets, emails and manual transactions keep its analog supply chain unresponsive to a digital consumer,” says John Thorbeck, chairman of supply chain analytics firm, Chainge Capital.

Digital Supply Chain Platforms Break Down Silos

Our latest e-book reveals how digital supply chain platforms break down organizational silos to enable faster decision-making between teams. With a digital supply chain, retailers can connect planning, design, sourcing, production, logistics and replenishment into a single, connected enterprise. In addition, these platforms act as the hub of a vendor compliance system, ensure supply chain transparency and support quality management.

Get Started with a Digital Supply Chain Platform Now

Ready to realize the benefits of a connected enterprise? NGC’s solutions are designed specifically for the needs of fashion retailers. These true end-to-end digital solutions help companies reach their full potential so they can react faster and smarter to consumers’ demands. Take a look at all that our Andromeda Cloud Platform® has to offer in the chart below.

Download Our E-Book to Learn More

To uncover how a digital supply chain platform can help retailers become truly responsive to their consumers, download our latest e-book today.