Concept to Customer: Execute Faster With a Connected Digital Supply Chain

Concept to Customer: Execute Faster With a Connected Digital Supply Chain

May 31, 2019

The steps between the time a product is designed to the moment it reaches the consumer ultimately determine the return on investment. Traditional siloed processes yield longer lead times, but today’s apparel brands and retailers are all after one thing: speed.

Within the supply chain, time is arguably the biggest risk factor. The pressure to react quickly to changing consumer demands adds another layer. If a retailer can’t keep up with what their customers want, they put themselves in danger of losing customers. A digital supply chain reduces these risks by enabling companies to make faster decisions and manage all the complexities of today’s retail and fashion supply chains.

Home in on Flexibility and Analytical Power

With so many moving parts, a flexible solution with data management tools is essential to maintaining speed to market and efficiency. Sifting through mountains of emails, reports and spreadsheets adds unnecessary time and potentially leads to errors that could easily be avoided. Instead, supply chain data automation helps retailers connect, blend, store and manage data from heterogeneous applications and database sources, creating a seamless process to stay on a strict timeline.

Tools for visualization, reporting and analytics also enhance every touchpoint of the process. Whether you’re line planning, working on a concept board, choosing a design or arranging the sourcing details for a product, the functions afforded by a digitized solution allow changes to be made quicker and easier. Reaction time is subsequently improved and last minute adjustments are made possible.

Create a Connected Enterprise  

A flexible approach fueled by visualization and analytics creates a singular view of the concept to customer journey, despite the many disparate systems involved. Even retailers with worldwide locations can synchronize operations and instantaneously track how products are progressing. With an automated solution, retailers won’t be left in the dark. Whether it’s a report triggered by fluctuating data, status and performance metrics, or quality defect and vendor analyses, users will receive a transparent view at all times.

Deliver on Expectations with NGC’s Cloud-Based Solution

With extensive experience supporting fashion brands and retailers, NGC provides the data and tools needed to put plans into action. NGC’s Andromeda Cloud Platform® and its host of PLM, SCM, Quality Control and Vendor Compliance capabilities, enables companies to execute from concept to customer faster. Specifically designed to enable the digital supply chain by bringing together all departments into a single cloud-based solution that connects vendors, suppliers and other providers, Andromeda empowers retailers to react with speed and agility to optimize lead times, reduce expenses, improve quality and maximize company revenue and profit.

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