On the Hunt for Quality and Sustainability? The Solution is Digital

On the Hunt for Quality and Sustainability? The Solution is Digital

May 24, 2019

Contrary to the assumption that low price is the prime selling point for apparel, good quality is even more of a driving factor for consumers. Almost 40% of millennial consumers say quality is the most important factor that attracts them to products, according to a Deloitte study, reported by Women’s Wear Daily.

While striving to produce premium quality, brands and retailers are under the microscope for their sourcing practices. In the denim sector, brands said they believe that one in three consumers is willing to pay a “significantly higher price” for denim made in sustainable production, according to a study by German textile publication TextilWirtschaft.

As the benchmark for good quality products advances and becomes more competitive to attain, retailers should prepare by adding a quality control solution to their digital supply chain. Likewise, to meet social and environmental expectations as the sustainable consumer base grows, vendor compliance via a digital solution is becoming essential.

Protect Your Brand With Quality Control  

When a consumer walks into a store or shops online, an item’s quality will catch their eye and influence their decision to eventually buy. Consistent product quality leads to repeat customers and bottom line improvements, while a single quality issue can lead to PR nightmares and damage to your brand. Quality can make or break your brand’s reputation and financial performance. Luckily, quality of merchandise can be vetted by a robust digital solution. 

NGC’s cloud-based Andromeda Quality Control solution helps retailers and brands deliver high quality products with a complete, cloud-based solution that guarantees better efficiency, transparency and accuracy. Andromeda Quality Control streamlines the quality process, allowing QC supervisors to schedule audits based upon factory clusters and delivery schedules, then report on audit results using our Interactive Quality Tablet instead of traditional manual processes. The solution also helps identify problems sooner, reducing the risk of cancellations, chargebacks and returns while protecting your brand’s reputation.

Maintain Social Responsibility With Vendor Compliance

The demand for transparency is increasing among today’s shoppers. Fast-fashion retailer H&M made strides last month by listing supplier names for all garments on its website. And Everlane has made a name for itself by providing consumers with transparency throughout the supply chain. More transparency and proof of care for social and environmental issues is becoming commonplace for retailers in response to consumers’ evolving attitudes.  

Under these circumstances, strict compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) standards is a must for every retailer and brand. It’s critical to manage risk by ensuring vendor accountability, transparency and adherence to your standards of vendor engagement – from on-time deliveries to safe working conditions in factories.

NGC’s cloud-based Andromeda Vendor Management is a complete solution for evaluating, managing and reporting on all aspects of vendor compliance. Andromeda Vendor Management streamlines vendor onboarding and management, with features such as integrated performance analytics, document management and vendor scorecarding. It provides the real-time data you need for audits and environmental assessments.

Additionally, Andromeda Vendor Management can help you avoid costly litigation, reduce downstream risks and costs of non-compliance, and win market share by building and maintaining a positive public image.

To see NGC Andromeda’s quality control and vendor management solutions in action, request a demo here.