Don’t Rip and Replace, Let Andromeda Close the Gaps in Your Concept to Customer Lifecycle

Don’t Rip and Replace, Let Andromeda Close the Gaps in Your Concept to Customer Lifecycle

April 26, 2019

It’s no secret that fast and sustainable supply chains are essential today. As a result, retailers are under tremendous pressure to be more agile and responsive to their customers. They can no longer afford to take 12 or 18 months to develop new products; instead, the process must be compressed to a matter of months, or even weeks. Digital supply chains are essential to making this shift, enabling brands and retailers to shorten the timeline from concept to customer.

As they move through the concept to customer lifecycle, most fashion companies must access multiple systems to get all the data they need, enter it into spreadsheets and share the data through static reports. Instead, NGC’s Andromeda Cloud Platform® provides a single platform to access all actionable information from disparate systems, helping users quickly make decisions and respond to consumer demands. Rather than a “rip and replace” approach, Andromeda gives users the flexibility to use the features they want, even alongside other legacy solutions, while providing retailers with a single platform for a digital supply chain.

Access all information from one source

Since legacy supply chain software solutions often create siloed environments, a single platform solves this problem by allowing users to retrieve all information from one source. Today, however, most retailers must access multiple systems and portals to get all the data they need throughout the supply chain, and users must be trained to use a host of systems. Andromeda consolidates and simplifies this process. Instead of logging on to separate systems, users can get the information they need just by logging into one platform. The platform also allows companies to retain their current features while overlaying Andromeda to fill gaps and create a seamless solution from start to finish.

Choose the features that work for your business

Customers have the choice of using native Andromeda components as well as data from other legacy solutions, all of which can be aggregated within the Andromeda platform. A retailer may opt to keep traditional PLM, ERP, SCM, Planning, Point-of-Sale and other solutions, but Andromeda’s core functionality can centralize and share information to improve the company’s efficiency. As a result, implementation is smoother, costs are reduced and the upgrade can be done without the hassle and time commitment associated with changing everything. This flexibility enables brands and retailers to feel at ease when choosing Andromeda as its digital supply chain platform.

As Darioush Nikpour, founder and president of Stycheco, explains, “The exciting part about a digital supply chain is that it’s not about replacing ERP, PLM or other business applications. It’s about democratizing that data across the value chain, so that we can go from concept to commercialization without going through the expense and pain of replacing legacy applications.”

Allow Andromeda to empower your daily activities and improve overall results

NGC continues to add new capabilities to the Andromeda platform, bringing together information from PLM, supply chain management, quality and compliance, as well as integrated business planning (IBP), and demand, inventory, supply and retail optimization.

With Andromeda, all global users share information and can quickly react to rapidly changing market trends. Having access to all supply chain information from various systems in product development, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control and distribution, retailers and brand owners can optimize lead times, reduce expenses, improve quality and maximize company revenue and profit.

If implementing a digital supply chain is on your roadmap for 2019, request a demo of Andromeda to see the difference it can make in your organization.