Quality Worldwide Finds A Better Way to Manage Information

Quality Worldwide Finds A Better Way to Manage Information

February 22, 2019

We might sound like a broken record, but until everyone is on board, we’re going to keep singing the same tune – it’s time to leave spreadsheets behind. We drove this point home recently in a blog about how inefficient it is for companies to use spreadsheets to manage product development and supply chain operations. We shared why dealing with hundreds of spreadsheets inevitably wastes time and prevents employees from fulfilling more high-level tasks. Consequently, companies lose days, and sometimes even weeks, of valuable time.

Today, we explore a company who understands the drawbacks of spreadsheets and found a better way to centralize information with NGC’s Andromeda Cloud Platform.

Saying Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Quality Worldwide is a full-service apparel design and manufacturing company that provides R&D, Design, Sourcing, Product Development, Production, and Logistics services for brands and retailers in all markets, including: Sportswear, Activewear, Outdoor, and Luxury. Previously, the company relied on a combination of spreadsheets and other applications to manage its business. As the business expanded, Quality Worldwide needed to improve its operating efficiencies. It needed to invest in an end-to-end solution that would support its global operations.

A Digital Platform That Delivers

After a thorough review of solution providers, Quality Worldwide selected NGC’s Andromeda Cloud Platform, including PLM, SCM and Quality Control, as well as NGC’s ERP solution, for its easy-to-use end-to-end solutions. The collaboration tools embedded in the Andromeda PLM were key selling features, as well as the ability to provide real-time updates on any aspect of Quality Worldwide’s operations. With NGC, Quality Worldwide is able to deliver an even higher level of service and support for its customers, who include many of the retail and fashion industry’s best-known brands.

“From a manager perspective, one of the top benefits of implementing NGC’s solutions are the ability to create a dashboard that lets me see an ongoing, up-to-minute view of how the business is doing, with all the information I need at my fingertips to ensure products are on time for our customers,” said Dave Williams, VP, production and sourcing, Quality Worldwide. “Our experience with NGC has been wonderful.”

Improve Efficiency with NGC

Quality Worldwide is transforming its rapidly growing business with NGC’s solutions, increasing speed to market and efficiency with a digital platform that saves precious time. NGC’s Andromeda allows Quality Worldwide to integrate data from all corporate departments and third-party providers of goods and services into one source of information, from merchandise planning through sale to the final consumer.

To learn more about how Quality Worldwide benefits from NGC’s solution, read the full press release here. If you’d like to learn how NGC can help your business reduce or eliminate spreadsheets, request a demo here.