Keep Your Brand in Check: Why Fashion Retailers Need Quality Control

Keep Your Brand in Check: Why Fashion Retailers Need Quality Control

December 14, 2018

Product quality is a telling factor of a company’s success. While consistently offering customers well-made clothing and accessories translates into positive reviews and loyal shoppers, a single quality issue can result in negative press and lasting impressions that will deter shoppers from visiting the store or its site for future purchases. To capitalize on the former and combat the latter, fashion retailers need to implement a quality control solution they can trust.

Ensure quality at the source

With your brand’s reputation on the line, setting standards and making sure that products are consistently manufactured to your quality specifications is vital. A good quality management solution should provide audits at every stage in the process, from a thorough assessment of the material to verification of packing accuracy. Additionally, fabric inspections should be more than just a routine check, but a constant cycle that stops potential errors in their tracks.

Product testing for both finished products and individual components is another benefit when a digital quality control solution is in place. Quality standards ranging from yarn size to tensile and seam strength to pile retention and stretch recovery all require testing protocols. Retailers and brand owners can manage the complex process of requesting, tracking, submitting, and approving product tests all on one platform.

Rather than a segmented approach to managing this information, a centralized, cloud-based solution simplifies the entire process and reduces the chances of defected products sneaking their way through. With features like real-time reporting and failure notifications, retailers have transparency into their products. Additionally, automatically generated corrective action plans bring the quality assurance process full circle.

Reduce the risk and reap the benefits

Through an efficient, detail-oriented solution, quality issues can be addressed before they become problems. This prevention mechanism translates into higher quality products, which reduces the risk of cancellations, chargebacks and returns that can damage your bottom line. Performance of inline inspections and correction of any defects at the factory floor before products ship is also a financially smart move as it minimizes the costs of product quality.

As the options for where and how to shop continue to increase, retailers should focus on doing everything they can to leave customers satisfied. Instead of attempting to save the customer-retailer relationship after the fact, a proactive approach to quality through better vendor management, including improved collaboration and multilingual support, curtails the chances a customer will end up with a flawed product in the first place. Gaining a base of satisfied customers who turn into loyal shoppers, paramount to creating a profitable and reputable business, begins with top-notch quality control.

Protect your brand and improve the bottom line with NGC Andromeda Quality Control

NGC’s Andromeda Cloud-based Quality Control solution for fashion and apparel brands and retailers delivers higher quality products with better efficiency, transparency and accuracy. Andromeda Quality Control eases the pressure and streamlines the quality process, allowing supervisors to schedule audits based on factory clusters and delivery schedules. Reporting on audit results is also made easy with an Interactive Quality Tablet, replacing traditional manual processes. When you identify problems sooner, you can reduce risks, improve your company’s bottom line and ultimately preserve your brand’s reputation.

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