Supply Chain Transparency, Vendor Compliance and Factory Safety: What You Need to Know

Supply Chain Transparency, Vendor Compliance and Factory Safety: What You Need to Know

April 9, 2013


The final blog post in our series focuses on how you can gain even more supply chain visibility and transparency with supply chain management and global sourcing systems such as NGC's software.

Vendor Compliance is an ideal system for helping retailers and brands manage and monitor their factories. To provide even greater supply chain transparency and visibility, NGC also offers its Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Global Sourcing solution, designed to help companies manage the “just-in-time” demands of fast fashion, coupled with uncertainties in material costs, transportation, logistics and trade legislation. NGC’s Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing system helps companies take control of the risks and complexities of managing their global supply chains. [[more]]

NGC’s software is a powerful web-based application for companies that source and purchase products around the world. The system shares production and logistics information among all members of the ex­tended global supply chain including retailers, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, agents, brokers, carriers and freight forwarders. As a result, it provides real-time supply chain visibility that dramati­cally improves supply chain execution and agility.

NGC’s SCM and Global Sourcing software can scale to meet the needs of even the most complex global supply chains; NGC customers range from midsized, high-growth fashion brands and retailers to one of the world’s largest fashion conglomerates, with more than 8,000 system users and 3,600+ factories worldwide.

SCM and Global Sourcing is available as a standalone system or as part of NGC’s Global Enterprise Suite, a fully integrated suite that includes best-of-breed solu­tions for ERP, PLM and SCM. Either way, NGC’s SCM and Global Sourcing software can help provide full supply chain visibility, allowing your company to:

  • Reduce production lead times by streamlining supply chain efficiency and communications.
  • Improve order fulfillment rates by balancing pro­duction capacity and product demand.
  • Compress purchasing lead times and reduce costs by positioning raw materials for planned production cycles.
  • Shrink markdowns and closeouts by applying “postponement” techniques to adjust WIP inven­tories.
  • Cut unanticipated airfreight expenses by ensur­ing on-time deliveries from global production facilities.
  • Reduce product defects by managing on-site quality audits and making corrections based upon the results.

Together, NGC's Vendor Compliance and Supply Chain Management Systems can provide the right systems to evaluate and manage overseas vendors while also ensuring supply chain transparency and visibility. They are the key to not only helping ensure vendor accountability and compliance with a host of legislative initiatives, but also to improving profitability, speed to market, quality and overall supply chain responsiveness.

For more information, download our latest white paper.