World’s Largest Halloween Costumes Company Eliminates Scary Surprises

World’s Largest Halloween Costumes Company Eliminates Scary Surprises

October 25, 2018

It’s almost time for a night of fright-filled with pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating and haunted houses. As we get ready for Halloween this year, Rubie’s Costume Company is making sure kids and adults alike can dress up as their favorite Star Wars character, superhero, princess, or anything in between. But how did Rubie’s get so big and how do they make sure that costumes are made on time, on trend and on budget? 

Rubie’s Humble Beginnings

Rubie’s began in 1951 when Rubin Beige, known by his nickname “Rubie,” returned home from serving in World War II and opened a neighborhood soda shop and novelty store, hoping to make enough money to temporarily support his family. When he eventually realized the masks and costumes were selling better than anything else, he renamed the store “Rubie’s Fun House” and focused solely on costumes. From its humble beginnings, Rubie’s Costume Company has grown into a thriving, full-blown costume company with more than 3,000 employees, four U.S. factories and offices around the world. 

Growing from a small mom-and-pop store to a global enterprise in only a few short years, Rubie’s didn’t have the processes to support the rapid expansion. Everything was offline, on paper and in folders. They needed a system of record that would support global growth and give complete transparency throughout product development.

No Supply Chain Nightmares with NGC

Rubie’s chose NGC’s fashion and apparel PLM solution to provide the company with real-time visibility into product data. The solution provides Rubie’s a common platform with critical path management processes. Rubie’s has rolled out NGC’s PLM in its U.S., UK and Australian offices and is currently onboarding the solution in Asia. The system allows Rubie’s to take advantage of a 24-hour workday in a global, collaborative environment. Employees also benefit from product development calendars to monitor on-time schedules and performance, ensure on-time deliveries and optimize sales and profitability. With NGC’s PLM solution, Rubie’s can avoid supply chain nightmares and instead focus on offering the best costumes in the world.

"We needed a system of record that would support our global growth and give us complete transparency throughout product development. NGC’s PLM has been fantastic in offering us the capabilities we need to optimize our lead times and distribution around the world.”
Patty Clausen, Product Management 
Rubie's Costume Company

NGC’s PLM Solution Streamlines Product Development

Configurable and user-friendly, NGC’s fashion and apparel PLM solution provides a common platform for all PLM-related elements including Planning, Merchandising, Design, Costing, Sampling, Quality and Sourcing. NGC’s solution is designed to help apparel brands and retailers like Rubie’s streamline product development and make better and more informed decisions, keeping all departments on the same page in real time. 

To learn more about how Rubie’s benefits from NGC’s solution, read the full press release here. To find out how NGC’s PLM solution can help your apparel company, schedule a demo today.