The Key Benefits of Digitizing Quality Control

The Key Benefits of Digitizing Quality Control

May 15, 2018

How do retailers and brand owners ensure customer loyalty? Simple, make great quality products. Good quality products lead to great reviews, repeat customers and improvement to your bottom line. The consistent quality of your products is critical for all players in the supply chain, from the factory to the brand to the retailer selling the goods.

If not properly managed, quality is an area where your business can fail due to factors that are out of your control. Fortunately, quality control is an area that is quantifiable and closely tied to financial performance, and retailers and brand owners can easily and quickly see ROI.

In today’s fast-paced, customer-centric world, digitization is key to implementing successful quality control processes. In our last two blog posts, we looked at the key benefits of digitizing your product development and supply chain processes. This blog post takes a close look at the benefits of digitizing a key supply chain function – quality control.

Digitization identifies quality problems faster and reduces chargebacks

Poor quality can lead to exponential costs, both internally and externally, and can hinder your brand image and long-term growth if not addressed. In addition to the direct cost of the defective product, you must consider the internal processes that directly or indirectly led to those errors, and how poor quality ultimately affects your consumer relationships and your brand’s name. Digitizing the quality control process provides a central portal for communication, allows you to standardize your processes, and enables you to act proactively vs. reactively by accessing audit results and reports sooner.

Benefits of digital quality control transformation

There are many benefits of digitizing quality control processes with modern systems. Some of the most common, though, include:

  • Reduce quality issues. To eliminate quality errors, digital quality processes allow brands and retailers to work with factories to identify and resolve quality issues early.
  • Cut expenses related to quality. By identifying quality issues on the factory floor, problems can be addressed quickly, before products are shipped and arrive at the retailer, avoiding chargebacks and lost sales.
  • Increase QC auditor efficiency. Auditors can increase inspection pace, quantity and data accuracy by using a tablet that uploads directly into a cloud-based, digitized system.
  • Access real-time analytics. With digital quality control, management receives real-time analytics and is able to predict possible issues based upon history and take measures to prevent them from recurring.
  • Work online and/or offline. With advanced quality control solutions, users can work online or offline, eliminating concerns over unstable internet or wireless connections. When the internet connection is restored, information will be updated automatically, saving time previously spent on data entry.
  • Multilingual support. Advanced solutions also offer multilingual support allowing users to work in their native language.
  • Comply with government regulations and other testing. Digital quality control solutions provide an easier way to store and manage the documents associated with compliance with government regulations, such as CPSIA and Prop 65, and other third party testing.

Real-world results of digital transformation 

What is the real impact on quality control digitization for fashion companies? Here is what a few of NGC’s quality control customers have shared with us:

  • Strategic Partners designs, sources, markets and distributes high-quality uniforms, footwear and accessories to various types of omnichannel retailers, with its products available in over 50 countries. NGC’s Quality solution allowed Strategic Partners to centralize data and information, while supporting the company’s rapid growth.
  • DXL (Destination XL Group, Inc.) is the largest omnichannel retailer of big and tall men’s apparel. As a result of increased visibility and collaboration, DXL’s on-time delivery, quality and compliance reached over 98% in 2015, vs. 85-90% before it implemented NGC’s solutions and streamlined the work process.

Unlock the benefits of digitization with NGC’s Andromeda Quality Control

NGC’s cloud-based AndromedaTM Quality Control solution was designed specifically for the needs of apparel, fashion and footwear brands and retailers.

Andromeda allows you to streamline the quality process, allowing QC supervisors to schedule audits based upon factory clusters and delivery schedules. Inspectors can efficiently conduct and report on audit results using our Interactive Quality Tablet (IQT) versus traditional manual processes. With multilingual and offline support, language and internet connectivity will not inhibit the productivity of your global vendors. With NGC’s Quality Control solutions, you can identify problems sooner to reduce the risk of cancellations, chargebacks and returns.

You can further extend the functionality of your existing solutions systems with NGC’s additional cloud-based solutions for PLM, SCM and vendor compliance. Find more information on Andromeda Quality Control here

In our next blog we’ll focus on the benefits of digitizing the fashion supply chain with vendor compliance.