AAFA Executive Summit Recap – Surpass the Competition with Better Quality Processes

AAFA Executive Summit Recap – Surpass the Competition with Better Quality Processes

March 6, 2018

Execution is Key!

At last week’s annual AAFA Executive Summit in Washington, DC, Ananth Raman (UPS Foundation professor of business logistics at Harvard Business School) made a powerful statement in regard to the elaborate turnaround plans apparel brands and retailers have been announcing. He said, “whether these companies win or lose will be determined more by how they execute than how well-crafted their initial strategy was,” and I couldn’t agree more!

During his presentation, Raman made reference to Toyota’s heyday, when the company made a remarkable leapfrog past the competition, surpassing the giants of the industry in market share. What was Toyota’s secret?  Making safety and quality a priority!

Toyota recognized that by empowering and trusting their employees, there were major gains to be had. They provided factory workers with a tool to alert management to potential product quality issues the moment they saw them.  Sound familiar? At NGC, we’ve been preaching about real-time visibility and collaboration for years!

The key is to get to the root of the problem, on the factory floor, before the finished product is packed and shipped. At the factory you have the resources to fix issues more efficiently and cheaper than waiting until the products have landed. And ideally, the problem will be resolved so that future issues don’t occur.

As Raman said, the key to success:  REAL-TIME VISIBILITY into potential PRODUCT QUALITY ISSUES

Do you have the tools in place to provide visibility into your quality processes? Again, you can plan to keep better tabs on quality, but do you have the tools in place to execute on that plan?

With Andromeda Quality Control, you will gain the real-time visibility necessary to reduce the risk of cancellations, chargebacks and returns. Make quality a priority today, so you can surpass your competition tomorrow!

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