Create a Culture of Change to Embrace Demand-Driven Manufacturing

Create a Culture of Change to Embrace Demand-Driven Manufacturing

December 4, 2017

Fast-fashion brands are working to bring new trends to market with as little lead time as possible. To do so, brands and retailers must have the processes in place to read what’s happening in the market and react accordingly. However, people are often resistant to change, and many companies don’t have a corporate culture that embraces and fosters change.

Without a mindset to embrace change, brands and retailers will not be able to adjust to meet new demands and read and react to the shifting market. Company culture must be transformed to drive an on-demand manufacturing model that will get products into consumers’ hands when they want it. 

Blueprint for Change

Company leaders should set the example for their employees and lead with courage and confidence when it comes to adopting these changes. Otherwise, the rest of the company will not follow. Below are practical steps to position your company to adopt a demand-driven model: 

  1. Foster a Single Corporate Goal
    Every fashion brand and retailer should have the same goal: Get product to the customer who wants to buy it. This simple goal will unite everyone in the company to adopt a new mindset and create change. 

  2. Flatten the Organizational Decision-Making Process
    Streamlining corporate structures to prevent bottlenecks will help teams to make quick decisions and make processes faster. Teams should be able to make decisions without fear, as long as it aligns with the corporate goal listed above. 

  3. Eliminate Data Silos
    Enterprises must break through organizational barriers and tear down any silos in the supply chain. All the information needed for the Digital Supply Chain to run smoothly should reside in a single platform that everyone can access.

Using Andromeda to Enable Change

NGC’s Andromeda platform can help brands and retailers embrace change by bringing together all departments into a single cloud-based solution that connects vendors, suppliers, and other providers, aligning the company and breaking down silos. To learn about how NGC can help your company move towards a demand-driven model, request a demo today.