Ensuring Quality on the Factory Floor: 9 Questions Every Retailer Should Ask

Ensuring Quality on the Factory Floor: 9 Questions Every Retailer Should Ask

November 28, 2017

The factory floor is the most critical place for ensuring quality control. It’s the place where you can detect and correct problems before garments are finished and shipped, saving both money and time.

To make sure that the factory is doing a good job at maintaining internal quality, retailers and brands are making it a priority to set up certified factory auditor programs to establish and enforce the best quality practices.

It’s important for retailers and brands to set up expectations for the factory from the beginning. A certified quality factory auditor program not only helps to set up expectations for the factory, but it also sets up a corrective action plan for vendors. Below are a few examples of helpful questions that vendors can ask to certify their factories:

  • Is the factory checking patterns before cutting pieces?
  • Are they inspecting the fabric before it goes into production?
  • Do they have approved samples visible, so everyone knows what the finished pieces should look like?
  • Do they display the defects they’re looking for? (Some factories have sample boards for this.)
  • Do they have operator training programs to set expectations and teach workers what should be done?
  • Is there a system in place to reward operators based on quality level?
  • Do they post performance of the line so everyone can see? This can help create friendly competition between the lines.
  • Is quality viewed as being proactive instead of reactive?
  • Does the factory do a final inspection?

Most of these steps will be driven by the vendor certifying the sewing factory. Although each vendor will have its own standards, having a self-certification program in the factory is a plus for factories as they engage with new brands and retailers.

All in all, retailers and brands can have the best design in the world and the most beautifully designed garments, but it all comes together on the factory floor. Having clear expectations for how the factory manages quality can make sure that the design shipped is the same as the one designed.

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