Say RIP to Your Supply Chain Nightmares

Say RIP to Your Supply Chain Nightmares

October 31, 2017

Trick or treat? It’s all tricks and no treats for retailers and apparel brands when it comes to supply chain nightmares. Luckily, by enabling the Digital Supply Chain, retailers and brands can avoid these frightening situations that lead to chargebacks, markdowns, delayed shipments and siloed business units.

Six Elements to Avoid Supply Chain Nightmares

In today’s Digital Supply Chain, retailers and brands should incorporate six elements to help avoid these supply chain nightmares.

Lead Time Optimization
Retailers and brands need to react to current consumer demand by reducing production lead times for materials and finished goods manufacturing. Not only will this make your customers happy, but it will also help you achieve significant supply chain savings by reducing markdowns and stockouts.

Vendor Management
A centralized location for managing all of your global vendors will help you avoid finding out about skeletons in your vendors’ closets when it’s too late. Retailers and brands need to create comprehensive, searchable profiles for each vendor and manage quality, Good Manufacturing Practices, and corporate & social responsibility.

Quality Control
Good quality is a must for eliminating supply chain scares. By implementing quality control procedures that allow retailers to request quality audits at any stage – inline, final or packing accuracy – quality issues can often be prevented or addressed early on in the development process. Otherwise, poor quality can have some terrifying outcomes, including chargebacks, markdowns, delayed shipments and more.

Workflow Calendars
Calendars that support workflow and critical path management allow retailers and brands to track progress. These workflow calendars provide visibility into the supply chain that can better predict if an item will run late due to unexpected delays, in real-time, allowing vendors and buyers to set realistic expectations.

Global Collaboration
One of the biggest causes of supply chain nightmares are siloed business units and the lack of communication with vendors and suppliers. Collaborating with global supply chain partners in real-time, with visibility into your purchase orders, material commitments and inbound shipments is essential to escaping the supply chain ghosts that can haunt you for a lifetime.

Exception Dashboards
By defining the conditions that will likely lead to problems or delay and create alerts when they exist, retailers and brands can be on guard for supply chain disruptions. Exception dashboards alert users so they can drill into the details causing the situation and more quickly resolve supply chain glitches.

An End to Your Supply Chain Nightmares

While this all may seem overwhelming, there’s no need to let out a bloodcurdling scream. NGC’s Andromeda Supply Chain Management (SCM) solution is just the potion you need to put an end to your supply chain nightmares. Configurable and user-friendly, NGC’s fashion and apparel supply chain solution enables the speed and responsiveness for today’s Digital Supply Chain. To learn more, request a demo today: