Good Manufacturing Practices Yield Good Quality

Good Manufacturing Practices Yield Good Quality

September 18, 2017

As we highlighted in our recent white paper, “Managing Your Global Vendors – The Three Pillars of Success,” Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are critical to successfully evaluating your global vendors. Equally important, GMP is also essential to produce high-quality products. In short, good quality starts with Good Manufacturing Practices. Without GMP in place, quality problems will multiply quickly. 

The Essentials of GMP

There are multiple departments in a factory that are involved in high-quality production. Skilled personnel, well-maintained equipment, process control and risk management are critical to GMP. When evaluating vendors, factory evaluators should assess:

  • Management commitment and continual improvement – GMP starts with good people. There should be low turnovers within the vendor’s management team. Plus, Management should be committed to continuous improvement within the workplace, management team and staff.
  • Risk management – Vendors should have systems and processes in place to evaluate and mitigate the potential risks associated with various tasks and jobs.
  • Quality management systems – Make sure vendors have systems and processes in place for preproduction, production and postproduction quality control.
  • Site and facilities management – The facilities and equipment should be well maintained, properly managed and safe for workers. Worker safety is one of the key doctrines of CSR.
  • Product control – Vendors should treat raw material and finished products to the same standards that you do. Raw material, WIP, and finished goods inventory locations should be well documented and easily found. Raw material and finished products should be properly handled, in a clean environment, to avoid unnecessary stains or dirt.
  • Personnel training and competency – Personnel should be properly trained to accomplish the basic goals of their job, plus receive regular training to become faster and more efficient.

These processes and systems can be assessed by completing a GMP audit during the vendor onboarding process. GMP audits identify deficiencies or shortcomings at third-party factories and vendors. A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) details severity levels and compliance target dates to meet your standards. A GMP audit is a preventive measure to avoid initial quality issues that typically occur when beginning production with a new vendor.

NGC Andromeda Helps Assess GMP

NGC’s Andromeda Quality Control solution provides a solution for brands and retailers to evaluate GMP. You can further streamline your processes by integrating the Andromeda Vendor Compliance module to help onboard, organize, vet and manage your global vendors in a systematic, efficient way. This enables better sourcing decisions, ensures overall compliance, mitigates risk and safeguards your company. 

Together, Andromeda Quality Control and Vendor Compliance can help brands and retailers develop mutually beneficial relationships with vendors. To learn more or request a demo, please contact us.