NGC Attends DevCon5 Conference in Santa Clara

NGC Attends DevCon5 Conference in Santa Clara

May 5, 2012

NGC's Technical Director Benjamin Siegel and e-SPS System Manager Nelson Rodriquez recently returned from DevCon5 in Santa Clara, California, one of a series of DevCon5 conferences focused on the emerging HTML 5 standards, technologies and capabilities.

Conference speakers included technologists from LinkedIn, Yahoo, RIM, Kaazing, Mozilla and Qualcomm. A blue-chip roster of other technology leaders – including Amazon, Adobe, Google, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and many others – are participating throughout the year. [[more]]

"DevCon5 was a very valuable conference for NGC," according to Siegel. "NGC has always focused on providing great solutions based upon proven industry technologies and standards. HTML5 is well on its way to becoming the new standard for User Interface design, and the conference allowed us to better understand the capabilities of HTML5." 

"HTML5 and related technologies create new opportunities to develop better and richer applications in less time and with less effort," said Rodriquez. "New technologies are emerging that could help NGC customers lower the cost of bandwidth consumption, support hundreds or even thousands of additional connections with the same infrastructure, and have applications available anywhere on any modern device. It's an exciting time for software developers, so it was important for NGC to be represented at DevCon5."