Utilizing the Digital Supply Chain to Meet Changing Demands

Utilizing the Digital Supply Chain to Meet Changing Demands

April 18, 2017

The conventional model of “assembly line” processes simply doesn’t work in today’s rapidly evolving retail market. One could almost argue that there are no longer traditional retail seasons with retailers like ZARA turning around entire new lines within weeks. Retailers and brands have to adjust to meet the demands of today’s market – and those that don’t are bound to suffer.

For our 35 years of existence, NGC Software has focused on innovation for apparel designers, manufacturers and retailers – and we don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. Our latest innovation is the recent release of our Andromeda cloud platform to power the Digital Supply Chain for retailers and brands.

Andromeda is an innovative cloud-based platform that offers an intuitive user interface, advanced functionality, greater scalability and faster performance. Andromeda provides a single platform, with core PLM and supply chain functionality that can centralize and share information created in other legacy PLM, ERP, SCM, Planning and Point-of-Sale solutions. Furthermore, Andromeda supports Just-In-Time manufacturing, postponement, reserved capacity, direct-to-store shipments and material commitments with drawdowns.

Through the Digital Supply Chain, retailers and brands are able to integrate data from across their business into a single solution that connects vendors, suppliers and other third-parties throughout the entire development process to the final sale to the consumer. The Digital Supply Chain enables retailers and brands to achieve the levels of performance and responsiveness that are necessary to thrive in today’s highly competitive retail environment. Manufacturers are able to quickly act on current customer buying trends to keep profitable product in the stores and reduce the impact of costly overstocked inventory.

The Digital Supply Chain arms retailers and brands with the tools they need to optimize lead times, reduce expenses, improve quality and maximize company revenue and profit. Learn more about the Digital Supply Chain and NGC Andromeda, here.