Supply Chain Dive Calls Supply Chain Visibility the “Obsession of the Year”

Supply Chain Dive Calls Supply Chain Visibility the “Obsession of the Year”

December 13, 2016

In 2016, supply chain visibility (and transparency) has been a major focus at NGC Software, and according to Supply Chain Dive, the topic has been on the minds of many industry professionals this year. In the “2016 Dive Awards,” the publication named supply chain visibility the “Obsession of the Year.”

Here’s what Supply Chain Dive had to say about the topic:

“Supply chain visibility lies at the intersection of every other industry obsession, and for that, it deserves a special award.

“The concept’s application is elusive at best – it demands the supply chain manager gain access to information about every link throughout the chain, including specific materials or supplier data. Simultaneously both risk- and consumer-focused, the concept promises to reduce the guesswork and improve margins. 

“Yet for that reason, vendors love it. After all, nearly all solutions can claim to improve visibility through better data collection. Yet, like “resilience,” “big data” and “omnichannel,” the concept must be broken down into components if it is to prove real value.

“But perhaps the industry needs to obsess over visibility if it is to implement the full scale of traceability, tracking and transparency solutions.”

The full list of “2016 Dive Awards” for the supply chain category can be found here. For a broader look at the retail industry, check out the additional Dive Awards here.

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