Ease Communications and Improve Packing and Shipping Accuracy with NGC’s EZ-Ship

Ease Communications and Improve Packing and Shipping Accuracy with NGC’s EZ-Ship

September 20, 2016

One of the biggest dilemmas we hear about from customers is the need to communicate with factories overseas to make sure merchandise is packed and shipped correctly. NGC’s EZ-Ship is the best solution to this common problem and a necessity in today’s omnichannel world to ensure shipments make it from the factory to their destination. 

What is EZ-Ship?

EZ-Ship is a scan-pack solution and electronic data exchange that interfaces with NGC’s Retail Supply Chain Management solution and can handle standard EDI X12 retailer’s requirements. The software empowers manufacturers to introduce scan-packing and scan-loading to be compliant with purchase orders types such as: musical or mixed SKUs, solid SKUs or pre-pack orders. Therefore manufacturers are able to improve carton content and shipment accuracy to its distributions centers (DCs) and/or customers, and help reduce chargebacks and shipping errors that occur when merchandise is not delivered according to purchase order (PO) requirements.

Benefits of NGC’s EZ-Ship

If you’re already deploying NGC’s SCM solution, there are no integration costs and no master data entry required. Benefits of EZ-Ship include:

  • Ease of Use: EZ-Ship has a simple workflow and easy to use system
  • Data Integrity: All data comes from SCM and/or EDI interfaces to ensure data integrity
  • Flexibility: Supports multiple shipping methodologies and GS1-128 label formats
  • Security: Only P.O.’s assigned to the factory can be downloaded to EZ-Ship
  • Data Protection: All data is seamless transferred between EZ-Ship and SCM
  • Automation: Uploading and downloading of data can be automated

Trusted by Large Omni-Channel Apparel Brands

Leading apparel brands, including DXL, have already integrated EZ-Ship. DXL uses EZ-Ship to reduce chargebacks and packing errors by validating the contents of each carton and shipment sent from the retailer’s factories. The retailer, who also utilizes NGC’s Fashion PLM, is the largest omnichannel specialty retailer of big & tall men's apparel.

EZ-Ship integrates with DXL’s SCM and EDI systems and allows for shipments to multiple DCs directly from the factory. The solution supports unlimited ASN and label formats, providing remote shipping sites with the flexibility to use a standard import and export data set that easily integrates with any ERP, WMS or DC system. See why DXL is deploying EZ-Ship, here.