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March 18, 2008

BioWorld Merchandising Selects NGC’s PLM and Global Sourcing Software

e-PLM and e-SPS™ Will Help BioWorld Reduce Product Development Lifecycle, Streamline Communications 

MIAMI – March 18, 2008 – NGC® (New Generation Computing®) today announced that BioWorld Merchandising, a manufacturer of licensed and private-label headwear and accessories, has selected NGC’s e-PLM and e-SPS™ software for Product Lifecycle Management and Global Sourcing.

Together, e-PLM and e-SPS will provide a seamless, end-to-end solution to help BioWorld manage product design and sourcing for hundreds of licensed brands in music, entertainment and beverages, as well as its own private-label business. “For each of our licensed styles, we must manage two processes in parallel – our own product development, as well as providing designs and samples to our licensees for approvals or revisions,” said Raj Malik, president, BioWorld.

“When you apply this process to hundreds of licensees – each with its own design requirements and multiple SKUs – plus our own private label brands, it’s a very complex business model,” he continued. “Time is of the essence. We built our business on being able to quickly turn licensed products from China, usually within 60 days. Our customers have become accustomed to this fast turnaround and now expect it.”

With the rapid growth of its business and an increasing demand for fast turnaround, BioWorld sought a new solution to replace its manual processes, improve speed to market, and provide real-time visibility throughout the product lifecycle, from design to approvals, sourcing and delivery. BioWorld selected e-PLM and e-SPS as its enterprise platform for PLM and global sourcing after evaluating solutions from other leading software vendors. “When we saw the capabilities of e-PLM and e-SPS, we felt that NGC had a solution that could help us greatly improve our operational efficiencies and deliver the highest level of service to our clients,” said Omar Cantu, executive vice president, BioWorld.

Key benefits of NGC’s solution for BioWorld include:

  • Centralized information to reduce errors.  e-PLM and e-SPS eliminate the need for BioWorld to enter information into several different systems to track product development, sourcing and client approvals. As a result, NGC software will enable BioWorld to minimize errors, avoid duplication, and shorten its product lifecycle.
  • Improved communications throughout the supply chain.  NGC’s software is web-based, allowing BioWorld and its suppliers to access a “single version of the truth” that contains all relevant information and communications for each style. “Everyone will be on the same page at the same time, which will greatly improve our communications and accuracy,” said Cantu.
  • Integration with existing systems.  e-PLM and e-SPS will integrate with BioWorld’s existing ERP system and other enterprise software.

“NGC’s software can help BioWorld transform its product design and global sourcing, while providing a solid platform to handle the company’s continued growth," said Alan Brooks, president, NGC. “We look forward to working with BioWorld and helping them take advantage of the many benefits of e-PLM and e-SPS.”

About BioWorld Merchandising
BioWorld Merchandising is an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing fashionable licensed and private label headwear and accessories. Headquartered in Irving, Texas, BioWorld sells products at every level of retailer and to independent customers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. BioWorld is the leading wholesaler of licensed music merchandise, offering licensed music products to more than 80 percent of specialty music retailers in the U.S.  Bioworld’s license categories also include entertainment, beer/beverage and branded properties, as well as private label merchandise. BioDomes, the company’s initial brand, reflects the latest trends, treatments and fashions for baseball caps, knit caps and other headwear. For more information, visit

About New Generation Computing
NGC® is a leading Fashion, Apparel, Footwear and Retail software company.  NGC's SQL Series is a comprehensive suite of “end-to-end” solutions for PLM (e-PLM), Global Sourcing (e-SPS®) and ERP (RedHorse®). The SQL Series provides real-time visibility to product information, accelerates speed to market, and enables quality control throughout the supply chain to help deliver superior products. NGC customers include leading brands and retailers such as VF Corporation®, A|X Armani Exchange®, Carter’s®, Casual Male Retail Group®, Maggy London, Goody’s Family Clothing, Hugo Boss®, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Isda & Co., Tristan & America®, Axis®, Wilson’s Leather®, and many others. NGC has offices in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, China, India, Mexico and El Salvador and is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software Inc. (NASDAQ: AMSWA).  For more information, visit