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Apparel Magazine / January 1, 2011

PLM-Plus: The New Standard of Competitiveness

PLM has, as they say, come a long way baby. From its humble roots as a basic product data management tool, product lifecycle management (PLM) has evolved to its current incarnation as a full-service solution for collaborative design, development, sourcing, line planning and workflow execution. With today’s PLM systems, it is often hard to tell where the product design and development functionality ends, and the production, manufacturing, sourcing, and supply chain capabilities begin. And that is exactly as it should be.

“Traditional PLM footprints, which were very focused on the product development processes, are expanding. Apparel companies and retailers are requesting an increasing amount of connectivity into merchandising processes such as assortment planning. And, PLM has always had a very naturalconnection to sourcing and supplier collaboration activities,” explains Gartner research director Janet Suleski.