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Retail Customer Experience / January 14, 2020

Clothes maker taps New Generation Computing for efficient product development

Jerry Leigh of California, Inc., a global clothing manufacturer and brand management company, is upgrading to New Generation Computing Inc.'s Andromeda Cloud Platform.

The deployment, according to a press release, will help the company streamline product development and accelerate development lead times. The two companies have had a 12-year partnership.

Jerry Leigh is a licensed apparel company with retail relationships with top licensors and brands including The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. and NBC Universal. The Andromeda platform delivers advanced PLM, SCM, quality control and vendor compliance capabilities. Jerry Leigh anticipates increased visibility and better productivity by leveraging built-in workflow calendars, time and action tracking, vendor onboarding and social compliance tracking, according to a press release.

"We enjoy working with NGC as a result of the technical depth of its solutions and the excellent support we receive from NGC's responsive team," said Vickie Zaura, Jerry Leigh CIO, in the release. "Upgrading to Andromeda will allow us to extend this relationship while implementing the latest in digital supply chain best practices."