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Fibre2Fashion / June 7, 2017

Face2Face: Interview with Mark Burstein: Apparel brands and retailers must break down silos in their organization

NGC’s Mark Burstein was recently interviewed by Fibre2Fashion on how apparel brands and retailers need to break down silos in their organizations to increase lead time optimization. Read the full article to learn more as he shares suggestions and insights on the importance of fulfilling consumer demands faster than ever before. 

NGC Software powers retailers and brands. These include Billabong, Canada Goose, Carter's, Destination XL and  Nicole Miller to name a few solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM), supply chain management (SCM), apparel Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), shop floor control, global quality control, and vendor on-boarding and compliance. Mark Burstein, president and chief strategy officer at NGC Software gives suggestions and insights for apparel retailers to stay ahead of the game.

Q: Instant gratification and customisation are the new buzz words in retail. What are apparel companies looking for in software solutions to fulfil such needs?

Lead time optimisation is the number one trend impacting our industry today. Every brand and retailer in the industry is focused on getting the right products to the consumer faster than ever. To meet consumer demand quickly and accurately, companies must respond instantly to latest sales data. This can only be done by sharing real-time sales data throughout the enterprise, so that everyone in the global enterprise can react to current consumer buying trends. 

Q: What are the new age challenges that apparel retailers need to be prepared for?

Apparel retailers must take advantage of real-time sales information to adjust plans in-season and immediately react. If products are selling rapidly, companies must accelerate production; if products are not selling, companies could stop or redirect production and cut their losses immediately. 

When retailers see that a product has exceptionally strong sell-through, retailers and brands must move quickly to get products to the consumer faster. To do this, they can take several steps like accelerate more product design in-season, quickly reallocate or reorder raw materials, accelerate production schedules or expedite logistics. Read More>>