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California Apparel News / August 15, 2013

New Tech: Where to Invest and What to Expect

Mark Burstein, NGC's President of Sales, Marketing and R&D was interviewed by California Apparel News Manufacturing and Technology Editor Sarah Wolfson about new technology offerings and what benefits they bring to apparel brands and retailers.

Q&A: “What is driving companies to invest more in technology?”

Here are his thoughts:

Consumers are shopping in all channels, and it has eroded brand loyalty. Most retailers have responded by increasing their private label offerings and taking more control of their sourcing. The only way to maintain consumer loyalty is to offer products that people want but can’t find elsewhere. So, the goal of all retailers and brands is to reduce lead time, streamline product development and lower costs. All of this must take place with an emphasis on ethical sourcing as vendor compliance and product safety are under the collective microscope.

Hence the high demand for integrated PLM and SCM solutions that manage the process from concept through product delivery. It must also include components to manage social compliance, product safety and sustainability. Current demand for this type of technology is outpacing anything I have seen in the past few years. The integrated PLM-SCM solution provides seamless communication throughout the extended product lifecycle.