The Andromeda cloud platform enables the Digital Supply Chain

The Andromeda Mantra:

Planning is important...

Reacting is more important...

Planning your Reaction is most important!

For decades, fashion companies have followed the “assembly line” or “waterfall” process to launch a new product line:

Plan > Develop > Produce > Distribute > Review Sales > Start Over

That model does not work anymore. If fashion companies are following the same old process, they are bound to fail. PLM, the Holy Grail that enables collaborative product development, only benefits one sector of the process. To be successful, the entire extended global enterprise must react to current consumer buying trends. The Andromeda cloud platform enables the Digital Supply Chain.

Andromeda, the latest technology for global enterprises, is offered in a variety of SaaS and private cloud options. Andromeda integrates data from all corporate departments and third party providers of goods and services into one source of information, from merchandise planning through sale to the final consumer.

Andromeda supports Just-In-Time manufacturing, postponement, reserved capacity, direct-to-store shipments and material commitments with drawdowns. Critical path management, exception alerts and user collaboration streamline all processes to enable Lead Time Optimization and improve Speed to Market.

In a Digital Supply Chain, everyone has the same objective: If a product is selling, quickly get more of it; if it is not selling, quickly get out of it.

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