EZ-Ship Scan/Pack Solution

Reduce chargebacks and packing errors by validating the contents of each carton and shipment.  EZ-Ship is part of a supply chain strategy for companies producing sewn products around the word.   It is a factory-level scan/pack solution with electronic data exchange that works with SCM, ERP and EDI systems.  It allows shipments to multiple DCs and/or customers directly from factories, contractors and suppliers.

EZ-Ship will empower any business use of scan/pack in order to comply with customer requirements.  It supports unlimited ASN and label formats, providing remote shipping sites with the ultimate flexibility by using a standard import/export data set that easily integrates with any ERP, WMS or Distribution Center system.


  • Ease of use
  • Standalone or multi-site
  • Data Integrity through secure XML interfaces with ERP, EDI and SCM
  • Visibility into P.O.’s that are already tracked in SCM
  • Flexibility to support multiple shipping methodologies and UCC-128 label formats
  • Security permits only P.O.’s designated for the factory to be uploaded to EZ-Ship

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