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Ron Grilli

Ron Grilli

Vice President of Business Development

Ron Grilli is Vice President of Business Development for NGC. Ron has over 35 years of experience with ERP, SCM and PLM software solutions for global manufacturers and distributors of fashion apparel, footwear, accessory, textile and home furnishing products.

Ron began his career as a partner at Richter/Essentus with responsibility for development, sales and implementation of Sewn Products and Vision software suites in industry leading global fashion companies.  Ron also spent five years as COO/CIO of Roytex International, a manufacturer and distributor of sleepwear, outerwear and sportswear, where he implemented fully integrated ERP systems in all of the company’s manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Ron became Vice President Sales for CGS with responsibility for the growth of the BlueCherry enterprise software suite over a five year period.  Most recently, Ron spent six years as CEO of Simparel, Inc. launching the company and managing its growth in the ERP fashion software market.

Ron’s extensive industry experience is an asset to NGC prospects and customers as they shape their future business initiatives.  Ron’s understanding of the value proposition associated with NGC solutions facilitates the process of establishing ROI objectives and maximizing the capabilities of NGC’s PLM, Global Sourcing, SCM and ERP solutions.